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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Who's been walking across my highway...not too far from home...

Nice Mr. Bear - always good that you are in your car when you see one of these

...good Dr John song - but I digress. I had a meeting tonite so I remembered to take my camera and since it was the right time of the night, I had my camera handy - out of the case and in my lap - just waiting for something to move. And, lo and behold, on my way back home, I see a bear starting to cross the road in front of me. Well, I quickly checked my rear view mirror and saw that I was safe to slow down and stop. I fumbled for my camera and turned it on, and with my tremor switching into full gear because I was excited - well, it wasn't a pretty sight. But I got it going and up to take a picture of it before it had crossed the road. I pulled up along side of it and got the passenger side window down - remembering to check my rear view mirror for oncoming traffic - non - safe -and I turned down my radio - I don't think the bear would like Vince Gill - and then I got a picture of it wandering into the bush and looking back at me. It was a pretty one - all fluffy and healthy looking - with that beautiful brown nose. It didn't take long for him/her to wander quickly off into the bush. A good sign of bear avoiding humans. It was between here and Axe Lake Road on our side of the highway - so we are aware of it in the area. A good thing to be.

And, we finished the wood today, did some work in the garden - mulched it - got word the decal is ready, after some tweaking of the font and the paint is ready. And we got in a nice walk to the mine side after dinner. A good day.

See Ya Bye