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Sunday, June 19, 2011


My Father and me on the Harley - one of the few pictures I have of him

My father has been gone for 29 Father's Days.  I still can't believe it has been that long.  He had his demons, as we all do, but his were bad ones.  I have a few good memories of him - watching Shirley Temple movies on tv on Sunday mornings - she was always losing her dad.  We tried to put Saturday nite's screaming and yelling out of our little minds.  To this day I sleep with the covers over my ears.  It blocked out some of the sounds from downstairs.  He was a good mechanic but as is always the case, everyone else's vehicles were taken care of - except his own.  He was a pilot for Leaven's Brothers and was the first person to land a plane on Pelee Island at night to pick up a woman who was going to have a baby  He loved his motorcycles - we named one of our dogs after the Suzuki he brought home in a basket and put  back together.  We had a 250 Harley Davidson motorcycle that we learned to ride on with him.  He loved to be up at Susan's farm.  In the later years, he had calmed down but never quite gave up the drinking.  He ran out of time.  He made peace with my Mother and they remained friends to the end. 
I wish my childhood had been different but it  made me the person I am today - I know that I have learned the lessons my father never knew he taught me. 

See Ya Bye


Joan said...

You should post a picture Janet

Joan said...

That is a great picture

Anonymous said...

I miss my Dad too! He was my Yogi Bear, smarter than the average bear!!! love that picture Janny, thanks for posting it, love BooBoo!!

Stacey (aka UltraPrincess) said...

I remember that photo.... it looks like you had a great day together!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that you, Carol?

Anonymous said...

you are 100% right we all have demons. Life is way to short. We need to embrace and remember the good times and not sweat the bad. Life always deals us way more good stuff to enjoy and remember.