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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


There is a good crop again this year.  They are everywhere.  They are a sure sign of approaching summer weather, along with the bugs!!!  But, along with the black flies and mosquitoes, the dragon flies also put in an appearance.  Just when you think you can't take anymore bugs, the dragon flies swoop thru the air and alleviate some of the swarms.  The bats are also having a field day.  The wet weather has ensured a good crop of bugs this year - last year we didn't have any - what a difference a year makes.
Stacey and Sadie enjoying the view.  Sadie has been shaved - she is a golden retriever with long silky blond hair.  I think she looks like a lamb with her haircut.  She likes it, too.  And no fur balls on the floor.  She enjoys going for walks with me on the trails - she leads the way and always stops and looks back to  make sure I am coming.  Sometimes I hide behind trees just to see her face - she usually runs back to find me.  One day I will have my own dog to walk the trails with me.  One day...
See ya Bye


hero said...

The flower of the plant do look like testicles though :)

Licks, hero

Anonymous said...

is the water high or low? enjoy your fish dinner-ss

northernbliss said...

The water is high but not to the point of being dangerous. the river is higher than last year - we may not be able to get into our secret spot.
Hi Hero!!! Nice to hear from you. Licks to you, too.