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Monday, June 27, 2011


That's Mary, Rejean, Roger and Ron on board the new pontoon. Missing from the picture is Arnold, Joy, Bob and myself but we got on board right after this photo was taken for the tour of Basswood. I sat right up front and enjoyed the breeze and the view. There were 8 of us and there was room for lots more - very smooth ride and very stable - you could walk around with no problems. A great fishing boat in my opinion. Bob and Arnold brought their rods and used them when we went ashore for a pee break. But, no fish were harmed that day. You are seeing more and more pontoons up here, especially on the bigger lakes - not good for a lake our size.
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Anonymous said...

Why not for your lake ? You fish on your lake, you can use it as swimming platform, use it for sunbathing in the nude and would be awesome for booze cruises. As you said they are a lot of fun. Your tourists would love it. You can get way more people in it than in the brown steel boat. They come in different sizes you know.

northernbliss said...

That will never happen - our lake is not big enough and we can get more usage out of Bill's Boat - like tonite!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh pretty please !