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Thursday, June 9, 2011


This morning, Ron, Rejean and I spent about 3 hours cutting and trimming grass at the Community and Fire Halls.  The grass had become a bit long and the places looked scruffy.  Anyone driving by would think that we didn't care about our Community Centre and Fire Hall.  And it is tourist season so there is a lot of traffic going by.  Ron rode the riding lawn mower around - he had to go over a few spots because it was so long.  Rejean manned the Bush Hog.  It is actually a whipper on wheels - but with heavy duty wire for the dense brush which consists of little trees and shrubs.  I used a regulation whipper but it was very light - it didn't even have a strap!!  And I could start it myself.  Usually I don't have much luck with pull start things, but this thing started just like that.  And the weather was perfect for working - nice and cool, with a good breeze to keep the bugs away.  The place looked great after we were done. 
The Fire Hall needs a new roof - the original roof has been on since 1985 or 1986 - it is time.  We will be getting together some volunteers to do it and I have offered the Ladies of Wharncliffe to feed the guys.  That will be this year's project.  So if you would like to contribute to the Raising of the Wharncliffe Fire Hall's Roof Fund, please feel free to send them to Wharncliffe Fire Hall, Wharncliffe Ontario P0R1L0.  Any thing is appreciated.  How's that for a blatant plea for $$$.
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