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Monday, July 9, 2012


We finished cleaning the Hall at noon today - 5 ladies working our collective Asses off (sorry Mr and Mrs Barr).   But the Hall looks great and ready for the next gig - a 50th wedding anniversary dinner on August 6th for 50 people and then the famous Pig Roast on August 12 which should have over 250 people. 
The turnout wasn't as expected - we only cleared about $451.17 but it is enough for one month's bills - hopefully the rest of the functions will do better. 
We had the usual menu for our fish and chicken fry - 50 pounds of white fish locally caught in Blind River, 100 pounds of chicken (legs and thighs), corn, mashed potatoes, home made baked beans (I pretty well made them because I added all the ingredients and they were delish) corn, gravy, buns, corn fritters, veggie tray, devilled eggs (guess), cheese tray, pickle tray, cole slaw, macaroni and pasta salads, 4 kinds of jello salads, ice tea, lemonade tea and decaf and regular coffee and all the home made pies you can eat.  All for $12.
You can see Mary peeking over the bar counter - she cut all he pies for us.  And you can see Phyllis in the top photo checking out the salads for replenishing.
It makes for a long and tiring 5 days but well worth it.

See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Cool, so how many people did you actually feed? great job on the pies

northernbliss said...

We fed 138 people - down considerably from our previous events - it was nice weather and well advertised so I don't know why the low turnout. Oh well - better luck next time. We ate leftovers for dinner tonite and all our company had pie :o)

Meagan said...

I wish I could have been there! You guys always make a good feed!