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Monday, July 2, 2012


For those who know me, I am a walker - or should I say WAS a walker.  For the past couple of years I have had a toe issue and was finally diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left big toe joint.  Every step I took felt like someone was stabbing my toe with a knife - sometimes a big knife and sometimes a small knife.  My doctor told me to take an extra strenghth Tylenol every day but I don't want to take that much medication.  No more marathons for me ;o(
After about a year of feeling sorry for myself and riding a stationary bike over the winter, I dug my old bike out of the garage.  We keep everything.  I won this bike or traded in some points thru Scotiabank about 20 years ago.  I just spiffed it up, oiled the chain, Rejean rigged up a pouch in front for my camera and water bottle and off I went.  I wear a helmet at all times and a blaze orange mesh vest with a big florescent X on the back and stripes on the front.  I want to be seen on that highway - I don't want to end up on some logging truck's hood as an ornament.
On my first venture yesterday - up to FootPrint Road and back - I saw a deer.  Today I rode up to Jobam -no matter which way I go on the highway, I will always run into hills.  But I get the gears just right and I can usually make it up the hills - counting and standing up on the pedals helps too.  I am sure my bum will thank me in a couple of months.  Speaking of which, I must get a more comfortable seat - and an odometer to see how far I go.
See Ya Bye


Stacey Pomerleau said...

When we get back we can all go for rides together (we are bringing up some mountain bikes)!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a good idea Janet to use your bike, I should get mine out and the girls up here could create a new fad:)
And I love your idea to wear the flourescent vest, wish all bikers would....why don't you contact the Ministry of Transportantion about it, they should make it mandatory...
Have fun and stay safe, Ute