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Friday, July 20, 2012


We needed to visit Rejean's Mom and she just happened to be visiting Pierre at his cottage in Barry's Bay so we killed two birds with one stone and went to Barry's Bay - yes, we vacationed at the Lake - how different ;o)  He has a beautiful place on a nice Lake.  There are tall red cedars surrounding his cabin and a ton of property - it's like a park in his front yard.  It takes him 4 hours to cut his grass!!  He made us feel very welcome.  We had fun floating in his "pool" with his Mom in her floatie.  She can't swim but she has a donut around her and a noodle under her legs.  We tied her to the dock (just like we did to Pierre in the 3rd picture) so she doesn't float away.  And we also anchored her so she wouldn't move.
It was very relaxing and a change to be someone else's company.  We left on the Saturday and returned on Thursday to get ready for our next company - Joanne and Mitch from Calgary who are arriving on Sunday and Sue and Jack arriving on Monday.  Let the fun begin!!!

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you can do better than that i want to see some birthday pictures guess who