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Saturday, July 28, 2012


I found out a few things on this day - my keys and camera still work after getting them wet!!  We decided to hit the river for a day of fishing and fun.  Susan was responsible for preparing the beverages which she does so well - we stay hydrated wherever we go.
We arrived and saw a boat with a young couple fishing across the river but up from where we usually fish so we headed to our spots.  I headed off to my secret spot up the river and left Susan and Joanne for a short time.  I arrived at my spot and cast in - nothing.  My second cast produced a beautiful rainbow trout that jumped 2 times for me - I didn't have a net with me (another story) so I had to gently ease him onto the rocks to land him.  He just fit nicely in my creel.  My next cast was into a little deeper water and I hooked into a big bass - what a fight.  He jumped too.  I finally landed him and decided to let him go because I had enjoyed catching him so he was released to fight again.  I made my way back to Susan and Joanne - Susan had just caught a small bass.  We fished a while longer and just as soon as it got sunny, Susan had a walleye on.  It takes the 3 of us to land the fish.  I net it and then we all slowly walk to shore together - me holding the fish in the net, Susan holding onto the rod with the fish still on the line and Joanne making sure we don't fall in the water.  Then we all huddle around watching Susan take the hook out of the fish while Joanne has a death grip on the fish then getting the fish on the stringer.  It is fun - the couple in the boat must have been laughing their asses off (Sorry Mr & Mrs Barr).  Then Joanne gets a walleye and I run over, put my rod on shore and proceed to run out into the water to net Joanne's fish - without my walking stick on the slippery rocks - needless to say, down I went into the water.  But I netted the fish.  My camera and keys got soaked along with me but they both still worked.  Again the 3 of us headed to shore with the catch.  Wed ended the day with one rainbow and 3 walleyes.

Not bad for the Sisters...

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Where are your Cabela's waders?