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Friday, July 13, 2012


We launched at 9am for a full day of fishing Tunnel Lake - Jerry and his son Jeff would be following us in their boat.  There was Ron, Mary, Rejean and myself in Ron's boat.  It was a hot one - 90 degrees and just a slight breeze that saved us from dieing out there.  Jeff had an umbrella in his boat that he put up but it was blown off his boat and sank before anyone could save it.  There were several attempts at a retrieval but none were successful so we continued fishing.  About 4 hours later we returned to the same spot and Jeff actually snagged onto his lost umbrella and it was saved to shelter them again.  That's Jeff with the celebratory fist pump by his umbrella.  They did manage to catch more than the umbrella and finished the day with an impressive stringer.  We started off slow but by the end of the day we did ok - see Ron's beauty bass - we just stopped at a site that looked interesting to Ron and lo and behold it paid off bit. 
Ron has 2 lawn chairs in the back of his boat for the extra passengers - Mary and I like sitting back there and on the trip back, we turned the chairs around to enjoy the rear view, as seen in the final picture.  What a great day and I wasn't burned to a crisp - I had tons of sunscreen on and we stayed fully hydrated at all times ;o)
See Ya Bye


Stacey Pomerleau said...

Nice fish Ron!!

Anonymous said...

Lets see the fish on the stringer, how many fish did you end up with ?