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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Joanne wanted some Puddingstones  so the 3 Sisters got on our quads and went to find some - a few years ago we have found some so we found our way back.  It involved some tricky stream crossings - they had to pull my little 250 over some rocks but I made it.  Susan and Joanne had no problems on their bigger bikes.  Susan and Joanne went looking along a dried up stream for some stones - we found a few snakes in the process - a few screams but only because they were startled (the sisters - not the snakes).  We explored a little further and came across a huge Puddingstone boulder - we had brought along a sledge hammer and chisel just in case and they sure came in handy - that's Susan chiseling a piece off which turned out to be a beautiful specimen.  We brought home tons - enough for everyone's gardens.
See Ya Bye

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