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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Joanne and Mitch arrived in style on Sunday - you can see Joanne riding her new quad on the back of the truck - hard to believe but she didn't ride all the way from Calgary this way but I am sure she would have if she could have.  Toby the camp dog was there to greet them and get his first treat.
After Susan and Jack arrived on Monday we planned our first day together on the Tuesday and we made Stacey an honorary Scott Sister because she came out with us on her new quad.  You can't really see it in the picture but she  "bedazzled" the visor on her helmet with rhinestones and it looks very cool.
We went fishing on the Mississagi mostly for fun because we didn't catch too much but the real destination was the Jacuzzi on a stream in the area.  It has the greatest "mud" around.  We slathered ourselves from head to toe, let it dry and then sat in the pools and let the waterfalls wash us off.  It didn't hurt that it was about 90 degrees out.  It was very refreshing.
I think the guys went fishing that day but I don't remember.