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Saturday, August 4, 2012


It was Thursday - Joanne and Mitch's last day to have some fun so the 6 of us headed out to the Sister's special spot - there was Joanne and Mitch, Stacey and Andrew and Rejean and myself.  The other Sister, Susan and Jack left last Saturday :o(
The first picture I have no knowledge of who that is or where they are but it looks like Andrew and Rejean playing around at the gravel pit - altho I can't be sure.   I never said that and will swear to that in a court of law.  The next picture is of Joanne showing Stacey where we will cross to get to the secret spot.  The next one is of the group at a scenic view - I think we had our first beverage there but I am not sure ;o)
The next one is of my helmet and Stacey's after she secretly blinged my helmet.  I love it and am going to do something to Joanne's and Susan's for next year.  All girls like Bling!!!
The next picture is of Mitch crossing the stream and Stacey is in the next picture - for someone who has never 4 wheeled before, Stacey sure has the hang of it.  Andrew as well - altho I think he has a slight "need for speed..."
Joanne and Mitch packed up their camp on Friday and were off at 3am Saturday morning for the looooong drive back to Calgary.  So sad.

Stacey and Sadie are still here, Rick and Joan and Sierra are up and Eboni, Andy and their 3 kids arrive this evening - never ending fun :o)  The kids are so much fun to have around and they love it up here.  As does everyone...See Ya Bye

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