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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Tuesday was Barry and Sandy's last official day here and Stacey was coming in later that evening.  We took Barry and Sandy out on a 4 wheeler ride from 11am tip about 4:30 down FootPrint Lake road.  The first picture is of a nice piece of driftwood I got on Tunnel - it is spackled wood, I believe.  Will make a nice addition to my landscaping don't you think.  There is color up here - a lot of it.  The leaves have been so stressed that I think it will be early fall colours.
The next picture is of Barry and Sandy covering some tricky spots on the trail.  I had safely got over and was the official photographer recording all the fun.
And the next picture is of John getting a head start on his wood.  People up here get bunks of wood delivered to split for the winter - thank goodness we have about a 2 year supply already done.  We just have to move some from the other property over to the wood sheds - but that is for another day.
Barry and Sandy left today, as did Stacey.  We are just enjoying the quiet time - it is going to be 28 and sunny today.  We will be floating in the pool...

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Anonymous said...

A strong filament eruption of the sun occurred on Aug. 31, 2012 and will provide a spectacular northern light display beginning at about 2 a.m. EDT Sunday