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Sunday, August 19, 2012


We were over at Joanne and Mitch's this morning checking things out and stopped at Linda and John's on the way in.  Toby was there and for the first time this year, he brought his ball to me to throw.  Now in previous years, when Toby was younger, he would play non stop with the ball, pushing the ball towards you with his nose so you would throw it for him.  He wouldn't stop.  Now he is older and I got one throw out of him but both of us enjoyed that throw more than anybody knows.  Good Toby!!
That is a picture of Joanne's new chair.  There was some trading going on on Axe and when it was all over, this is their new chair.  Quite comfortable I must say and it looks good in the room.
See Ya Bye


Meagan said...

Toby. Such a dear friend. Makes me so sad to see him getting old. He's so sweet, I know he loved you throwing it for him.

Karen said...

I love that you've featured Toby on your blog once again! He sure loves being up at the lake and chasing the ball. He's the sweetest pup I know :)