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Monday, August 13, 2012


Another successful Wharncliffe Hall Pig Roast .
 Phyllis and I shopped all day Thursday, baked pies and prepped 3/4 of Friday, worked all day Saturday and Sunday from 8am tip 9:30pm then cleaned from 9am till noon today and there is still cleanup to do.  But we had enough help that it wasn't unbearable.
We ended up with only a 35 pound pig (we never expect to get a pig big enough to feed 300 people but we wanted one a LITTLE bigger)  Next year it will be 100 pounds.  I cut the head off and put 1/2 a green apple in it's mouth and placed it at the head of the buffet line.
The first picture is of John, Roger and Lynn preparing the pig for roasting.  We did get some meat off of it and Sadie enjoyed an ear.
The next picture is of Stacey happily cutting up 110 pounds of potatoes that Ron and Jerry had peeled (they actually peeled 150 pounds - we used 40 pounds for the potato salad).  They are the best peelers ever!!!
The next picture is of the "Bar Boys" manning the bar tent.  Our bartender backed out and Rejean offered to do the Smart Serve on line and be our bartender - he did a fine job with help from his assistants ;o)
Next is the Bake Sale tent manned by Joan and Sierra - Vickie is just visiting (she is actually hiding from Phyllis - taking a much needed break) - thanks to many members of the community who donated bakes goods and even a basket of home grown green and yellow beans.
Next is John taking a nap (not really) - he is one of the volunteers who arrive at 6am and get the bbq ready and all the roasts wrapped - Phyllis comes in at 6am and makes them breakfast!!  Next is a sample of the pork roasts - delicious.
Next is our carver Leslie who also doubles as our dishwasher (I am glad I didn't have to carve!!!)

The final picture is of the kitchen after everything was over.  It is clean now.  And I am tired.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet and girls and boys put up a wonderful meal at the Hall. I had three sets of guests there at different sittings, they were all very said he felt like having had Christmas dinner. Now they all plan to come at the same time next year so that they will not miss THE pig roast. Hopefully there will be a silent auction again, they so enjoyed that last year.
THANK YOU all for making it happen.

Anonymous said... the way...above: that's Ute's Limberlost talking :)

northernbliss said...

I knew that...

Anonymous said...

Did you guys really feed 300 people? Wow! what a success PIG Roast