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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Of course my Sadie gets in there - she is so pretty.  I only got one sunflower this year - mainly because Rejean chopped down a couple more he didn't know were sunflowers and then my beautiful red flowers I got from Mary - I know the name but I just can't think of it right now.
Can you see the bee on the sunflower?  We have a few of them around here - I know this because I got stung on my back and didn't realize it for a few days until I felt pain and a big bump on my back.  Rejean dug the stinger out and it is still red and swollen - after 2 weeks!!  It just goes with my burn on my arm from boiling water at the hall - trying to drain carrots and the bump on my leg from falling in the river on slippery rocks.  I am just falling apart...

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Anonymous said...

Your red flowers are Dahlias. Did Mary give you instructions for these plants? You might find this info helpful, Google :- How to Divide Dahlias by the Dahlia Guy.