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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I had to go into town this afternoon - I had a ton of things to do including a doctor's appointment, a bank deposit, get a couple of keys made, get some pictures done at the drug store, return some boots at the Sears outlet and grocery shop.  Plus spend about 1/2 hour browsing at Forestland where I picked up a last minute gift.  But  as I was getting ready to go I noticed some frost forming on some trees around the house.  I knew it was a hoar frost so I took my camera with me - my first picture is taken at the foot of my lane way.  You can see it forming on the trees in the background.  Notice how sunny it is.  Now the next picture is probably about 5 minutes south on our highway just approaching Cummings Lake.  The frost was more noticeable in these pictures.  Cummings hasn't started to freeze but Tunnel has I was surprised to see.  As far as I could see it was frozen over and snow-covered.
And just another " hard to believe" fact about life up here,  when I was called into the doctor's office, she was sitting there waiting for me !!  I told her I had never seen that before and she laughed.  Try doing that in Windsor.

See Ya bye

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