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Monday, December 10, 2012


First off, we have snow up here.   Rejean blew snow this morning for the first time.  We needed it.
We are well underway in the garage working on the wood we need for the ceiling.  We need 340 of those suckers and then 340 of the larger pieces.  But we have a production line going.  Rejean has already planed the wood down to 5/8 of an inch thick then we cut it to length.  Rejean then planes down an edge so that it would be square then I routered it.  I pass it thru twice and sometimes a third time.  Rejean then sands it down - I really think he is checking my work - he has had to return a piece or two for another pass.  Quality Control I guess.  He cuts off the routered side and planes the left over piece for me to repeat the process.  I am actually working machinery and doing a good job if I do say so myself.  It will be well worth it when the finished product is installed.
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