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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Another Christmas over and done with.  We headed to Windsor on the 18th to get in our eye doctor and dental appointments.  We both got new glasses and I also got a new pair of sunglasses - polarized of course.  My old ones were from about 3 prescriptions ago and I could no longer wear them and I needed another pair for fishing - so I could see to tie the line. They should arrive in the mail shortly.  And I had to have a filling replaced at the dentist.  After the cleaning they froze my mouth at about 2:30 and I swear the freezing didn't wear off until 9:30 that evening.  I had to drink a beer thru a straw!!!
We visited Jenn and Steve's new home - very modern but it suits them to a T.  I took some nice pictures of the lights in Amherstburg.  Very Christmasy.
Part of Christmas Eve was spent with Rick's kids and grandchildren.  The kids all got techy gifts - even little Jake who is about 4.  I got them a Twister game.  You should have seen their faces when they unwrapped it - duh where do you put the batteries?  Oh well, the grownups enjoyed it.  And I have no doubts that when all their batteries are dead they will enjoy a game of Twister with their parents.
I also volunteered at a French grade school to serve pancakes and sausages on December 21st.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  300 little kids all excited for Christmas.  It made me sad to remember the little ones who lost their lives in Newtown a week earlier.  Angels now.
Christmas day was spent with family, as it should be.  On boxing day we headed out before the storm to visit Susan in Listowel and then made the final trek home today.  Thank goodness for Ron who plowed our laneway - we had a big dumping of snow here this week.  Figures while we were away.
Tomorrow we will have some company from Windsor until after New Year's.  It will fulfill someone's bucket list - and the lake is frozen over for fun on the snowmobile.  Can't wait!!

See Ya Bye

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Janet: Just so you know Jake is almost 5 and 1/2