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Thursday, December 13, 2012


I finally finished the last piece of wood for the ceiling - actually this is only 1/3 of the pieces we need.  Rejean and Ron went to the lumber yard this morning to get more!!.  We need 340 of these pieces.
I finished the first coat of varathane on these at 11am this morning.  I will start the second coat tomorrow and then sand them.  I don't know when the third and final coat will be done.  In the meantime we have to make over 200 more pieces.  Ron has volunteered to lend us a hand - should be a real production line going on in the garage.
This afternoon we headed off to Blind River to give blood.  They have stopped holding clinics in Thessalon because they just couldn't get enough units to make it worth their while. I got Curtis this time and he was very good.  Sometimes they have trouble finding a vein and then getting the blood to flow but he was excellent and he made it easy for me. He talked to me the whole time and found a vein right off the bat.  They were very grateful and gave us cookies and juice after.   Blind river is only about 45 minutes from us and there is a fresh cut french fry place right on the highway - guess what we had for dinner.  I couldn't finish mine - but they were good.  We saw a wolf on the ice on one of the lakes on the way there.  By the time I backed up and got the window rolled down, he was running off.  But nice to see.
I can't do my exercises tonite because you have to take it easy after giving blood so I am playing on the computer.
Tomorrow we head  into Thessalon for the Sinton fish fry and a visit with Sally.  Busy Busy Busy.
See Ya Bye

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