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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Well these aren't really work pictures but I did work hard today.  We got the fire hose out and cleaned off the rocks and then sprayed down the surrounding trees - I was watering the cedars around the trailer and all the water was going down the poor chipmunk's hole and completely filled - the chipmunk kept trying to go down the hole but he couldn't.  I felt bad until I realized overtime it rained the same thing would happen - that's what he gets for dining his hole on the road.  Marilou and Sam were over on Jimmy's Point relaxing - at least Marilou was relaxing - Sam was busy clearing the lake of sticks!!
Marilou cooked dinner today - a delicious beef stew and served it over at "her new cabin".  Joanne and Mitch were invited and took advantage of the invitation to ride their quads over.  Joanne arrived in style as usual.  I headed down to the shore to get in the sun and got a good shot of everyone on the deck.  It was a beautiful nite.
Fishing tomorrow with Joanne and Mitch - still short a few fillets for the fish fry when the kids come. Marilou and Sam will guard the homestead.

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