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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Another day - another fishing adventure.  I would like to say that the fishing was great but it wasn't but we did manage to get enough for dinner.  We figure someone must have fished the stream before us because there really weren't fish where there should have been fish.
I had an incident with a beaver!!  I saw a nice hole so I got over to it and cast in - with my polarized glasses you can see quite well into the water.  I saw this large dark mass moving in the water and the first thing that crossed my mind was what a big fish that was - then almost as soon as that thought was in my mind, I realized it was the beaver slowly moving under the water.  Scared the shit out of me - Rick said he has never seen me move so fast.  That was my excitement for the day.  I did manage to get a nice one so I will eat him tonite plus the few we got the other day.  No one will leave the table hungry!!

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