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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Lots of activity on Axe today when Joanne and Mitch had some danger trees removed by professionals.  No way could we attempt to take these trees down without some damage being done to the buildings or vehicles and boats.  I think there is a total of 6 trees that are being taken down and cleaned up and the logs hauled away.  They even have a beautiful chipper that is amazing in what it can take care of.  Big thick branches with all the foliage still on them are taken into the chipper and chips are spewed out the other end.  I like chippers.  It should take another day or two to complete the job plus a few other small jobs they want them to do too.  They brought along their back hoe that will just be the machine required to dig up Joanne's fire pit and level along the back of their house.  
The work is never done around here!!

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