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Friday, May 28, 2010


A trick he learned from Bob Izumi - hold the fish close to the camera - it is an optical illusion that it is that big - it actually weighed about 1 1/2 pounds - not that we do that with every fish picture....:op
Heading into Gros Cap - you could see the water level marks on the cliffs

Camp Kuha from the water - the docks are quite a distance from the water line - but lots of sandy beaches!!!

Water levels at Hooverville Boat Launch

Looking at if we can launch the boat - high and dry!!!

MNR helicopter doing the flyby

A familiar sight - the MNR helicopter scanning for smoke and fires. It is dangerously dry up here - on the news there is a fire burning out of control near Chapleau - that is right up the highway from us. Rejean has the water pump in the water and hoses are attached just in case. We are watering the area every second day just to give the plants a bit of moisture.

We went to Gros Cap with Ron yesterday and we couldn't launch at Hooverville - we had to put in elsewhere and even then it was touch and go. The amount the water levels are down can be measured in feet, not inches!! All the good spots to fish are gone because the levels are sooooo low.

We need the rain bad and so far, there is no rain in the immediate future. But last summer it didn't stop raining - go figure...

See Ya Bye

ps - Rejean caught 2 pike yesterday - all I got was a tan.


watts of motion said...

Are all of the lakes low like that or just the Hydro lakes? I wonder if we will be able to get back on Little Pickerel through the swamp off of Cummings? Hope you get some rain soon.

northernbliss said...

Our lake is about down about 2-3 feet and we are land locked. You should be able to get in there - altho it may be muddy - some people have been lauching their boats with 4 wheelers - if yours isn't that big, it may be an option.

northernbliss said...

This message is for Watts of Motion - my friend just came back from Little Pickerel and he said it was no problem getting in - but they only caught a couple of bass (not in season yet)and the levels on Tunnel were up a tad - you could launch from Hooverville - hope this helps