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Monday, May 24, 2010


Rick, Rejean and I hit the river this morning - it is supposed to be 30 degrees today and sunny so we figured we would get it over with before it got too hot. Rejean and I crossed the river to the other side where there were some good spots. He hooked into a nice rainbow - I netted it for him. I moved a little down river and got some hits - strong ones. It took at least 6 worms - usually half or 3/4 of the worm was gone. I tried presenting 1/2 a worm for him but he wouldn't take it. I did manage to hook him and on the first jump he got off and wouldn't come back. But boy was it fun to try and get him. We fished until 1pm. Rick didn't get any hits and started fishing off the rocks - he saw a big pike just cruising but he wouldn't take his worm. Tonite we will hit the river again and hopefully get a pickerel - no one has got a pickerel yet. Tonite may be the nite. Keep your fingers crossed.
See Ya Bye

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