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Monday, May 24, 2010


Sasha looking for handouts - he was well fed later in the evening
Bonnie and her fabulous potato salad - she did an excellent job of peeling them!!!

Barbara-Anne - just one of those people in your life that makes it exciting - I enjoy her

The spread - yum yum

Ute's friends Barbara-Anne, Bonnie and Vickie were down from Toronto on the long weekend get-away and we were invited over for a BBQ. Rejean, Rick, Bob, Ron, Mary, Mary-Lou, Hughie, Sasha and Ute were the invited guests. We arrived at around 7pm and it was a lovely evening - not too many bugs and a nice breeze. Rick and Ron were the designated BBQ'ers and did a great job on the burgers and sausages. The potato salad was wonderful thanks to the excellent preparation technique of Bonnie. Vickie was the designated dish washer and Barbara-Anne put the whole thing together. There was a pineapple coleslaw that was to die for. And it was Bonnie's birthday to boot. Desert was enjoyed by all. We got home at 11:30!! Late for us. But we had a blast. Thanks!! I think the next get together is a slumber party in February - girls only!!! I'll be there!!!

See Ya Bye

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