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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I noticed the raven out on the pile of hay we have by the stream and a large dark brown figure off to the side - I got out the binoculars and lo and behold - it was a Turkey Vulture. He flew away when he noticed movement and then perched on the branch outside the front window. He was watching the raven get his breakfast - I thought that he might fly down and get some for himself but he was a little shy. He flew around a bit then disappeared. They are big birds - some might say ugly but I kind of like them. They just soar on the thermals and updrafts looking for food - road kill to be exact. And if bald eagles can do that then they can too - and be just as majestic. They are built for getting their heads right into the good stuff. Nice to see them so close.
Tonite I have a meeting at the hall - not the elections because Cheryl forgot to post the signage so I hope it is short so I can race home to watch the game - Now that Detroit is out, I am for Montreal - go Habs go!!!!
See Ya Bye

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