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Monday, May 17, 2010


Yesterday was beautiful and after all my chores were done I decided to wash the cars. I quickly got mine done and then moved Rejean's truck into position (it has to be in the sun). I started washing it and Rejean pulled up on his 4 wheeler and noticed a baby mouse on the ground. I looked and saw that it was moving. I got some gloves on and a paper plate to put it on. It was small and it's eyes weren't even opened yet. It was fully covered in fur and could move around. I thought about putting him in the garden but that would be a slow death and I knew I couldn't keep it - Rejean had already said no. Ugh!!! What should I do. Then, I thought to throw it to the bass that is on it's nest close to shore. I knew it would be a quick death for the little guy. I handed it over to Rejean and he did the deed. I didn't watch and Rejean said the bass was very quick to accept the offering. I continued to wash the truck and, a few minutes later found another little baby mouse. There must have been a nest under Rejean's truck and I washed them out with the hose. I again handed it over to Rejean for the "throw". That's all there was. I got the truck finished and then relaxed. The poor little things but it was a quick death for them. They would have suffered any other way. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
Today we were out on the river by 5:45 AM - yes I said AM - but nothing - the water was too cold so we came back for breakfast and we will head out later.
See Ya Bye

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