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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We borrowed the cement mixer from a friend and today was the day of the pour. When you have a bunch of people around, the good ideas just seem to come to the surface. Instead of pouring the cement in the little trailer and hauling it to the site then shovelling it in the

sana(?) tubes which were put in yesterday, it was decided to use pails, haul them to the site in the back of the 4 wheelers and just pour them into the tubes. We had an assembly line going. Rejean mixed, Ricky poured into the pails, Steve transported them and poured them into the tubes and Jason tamped it down. I was working the plug (to turn it on and off) and moving the 4 wheelers into position and delivering them to Steve on the road where we would trade vehicles. We were done by 11am and we started at 9am. What a team.

Steve and Rick worked on the path this afternoon, putting mulch into some of the holes in the path. I got my walk in and then sat in the sun - it is beautiful again today - about 26 and a slight breeze to keep the bugs at bay.

I have no idea what will be going on tomorrow with the guys but I am going fishing...

See Ya Bye

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