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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Rejean showing the newby, David, the ropes
Andrew - he knows what he is doing

Sadie and Jodie - Sadie is smiling because she is happy to be with us

Jodie and Sadie in the river

Jodie and Sadie cooling off

The guys were going to the river to fish - Jodie, Sadie and I went on ahead and played in the river - Stacey stayed behind to do her workout. It was absolutely beautiful today - a nice breeze saved us from roasting in the sun. And the river water was very refreshing. A truck going by on the highway blew a tire and it was like a gun shot - the sound reflecting off the rocks - they were there for about an hour and then were on their way. The guys didn't catch a thing but for Dave it was his first time river fishing and he loved it. I am sure he will be purchasing chest waders, a fishing vest, and a 11 foot rod as soon as he returns to Calgary.

Sadie was busy getting all the sticks out of the river. Her poor little feet took a beating and she can hardly walk right now.

All in all it was another great day - Jodie and I went in the kayaks when we got home. Very relaxing.

Tomorrow another day of fishing on the Little White.

See ya Bye


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful stretch of the river with all of the stone. Is this near where Snow Shoe enters? Have you ever fished Izaak Lake? It's chuck full of Specks but kind of a drive to get back to.

Anonymous said...

Sadie looks like a lab now. glad the crew made it. they don't need rest when they are on holidays. don't forget to climb your trail on other side and maybe candy mountain.(so i don;t have too)have lots of fun and laughs-lovesistersue

northernbliss said...

It's a secret where that spot is - you know how fishermen are - but yes, we have fished Izaak Lake - that is where we caught our honeymoon fish 27 years ago and they are on the wall to this day.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. We have a large pike from Rock Candy lake and a large bass from little Pickerel lake from the first year we were married almost 25 years ago.