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Monday, July 26, 2010


My sister gave me a game that we call Newfie Golf but I am sure it has many other names. You throw golf balls attached to a rope and hope they eventually stay on one of 3 rungs on a ladder type thing. According to their rules, if you get a golf ball thingy on each of the rungs during your toss of 3 things, you win. Well Daniel, my nephew, has won a few of these games just by doing that!! Needless to say he has been my partner quite a few times. Those are the perks of being the owner of their vacation destination ;o)
Joanne and Mitch arrived yesterday and after they were all settled (or not) they came over for a visit but it was really so Mitch could pick up his quad from our garage. You could tell he was just itching to get going. We will be going over for a visit today to show the Griswalds their place. Mathew and Nicky, his girlfriend, will be leaving today and then Sue and Jack and maybe Debbie and Don arrive this weekend. It is non-stop fun up here.
Jenn and Steve were busy yesterday assembling their shed. Actually it was Jenn reading the instructions, Steve interpreting them, and Rejean and James giving their 2 cents worth. I think it was a case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. James was saying the instruction manual was wrong, they didn't know what the "up" symbol meant. It was our entertainment of the afternoon to watch. But they did manage to get it up - now just a few tweaks so that the doors close properly - it is out about 1 inch.
It has been hectic but fun. It is easy to get to know your relatives by spending time with them. The kids have been great. I took Daniel out for a four wheeler ride and we had a little spill. He was coming down a rock in the road and went over to the side and went over. I was watching in my rear view mirror and saw what happened. He was pinned under the bike and I managed to lift it off of him. We were going real slow so it was a slow motion tip over. He was fine but we lost Rejean's rear view mirror. Then further up the trail, I had to use Rejean's bike to winch me out of a mud hole - I really thought my little 250 Honda could do it but I guess I was wrong. Daniel had fun doing that.
Another great day today - we will get Rejean's Mom out on the boat to try and get the fish that got away from her years ago. She'll like that.
See Ya Bye

ps I am having problems with my pictures again so sorry no photos with this post


Anonymous said...

the Griswalds ???

northernbliss said...

That is my pet name for Anne and James and the kids - they have a history of mishaps - Chevy Chase did a series of movies and that was the family name - like Christmas Vacation, European Vacation and National Lampoon's Vacation - you should watch more movies ;o)
And it is a name given with much admiration and love.