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Sunday, July 11, 2010


The Loons giving us a wide berth
Jodie and Stacey chillin' in the shade

Andrew with a nice spunky Bass - and beer!!

First fish of the evening - a Pickerel keeper!!

Watching Stacey in the Kayak

Sadie watching Jodie and Dave

Jodie and Dave exploring the Lake

After being held up at the US border for over an hour (Dave has a duel citizenship - Canadian/British) the kids were finally on their way by 8pm on Friday nite - they called and said they may get a motel on the way. I woke up at 6:30am and there was their truck - I went out to feed the ravens and there was Sadie coming down the Rusty Nail Trail to greet me - they were up!! They got in at 4:30 am and were drinking - 19 beers and 4 Smirnoff Ice between the 4 of them!! And I was offering coffee - what was I thinking! After a two hour sleep they were up and at 'em. Andrew had some work to do but the rest of us were just enjoying the nice weather - they went for kayak rides and then just relaxed in the sun. Sadie had been shaved so even she was enjoying herself - but we couldn't get her to go for a swim - apparently her other Grandma- Mary-Lou - takes her to a beach where she can just walk in the water whereas here she has to slip down some rocks - spoiled!!

After dinner we went for a booze cruise - the girls watched & recorded the event and the guys fished. It looks like we have another fishing rivelry going on between Andrew and Dave - the original rivalry was between Mitch and Jack but this one will rival that one. Dave got the first fish - a pickerel keeper - and by the end of the evening it was a tie - as any good competition should end. When the tie breaker will be is anyone's guess.

Today is supposed to be just as nice - Jodie is going to get in a 3 mile run, I will walk it and Stacey may try to run (she has an injury from her ultras) and then we will just let the day take us where it wants to.

Hope your weekend was good...

See Ya Bye
ps - this just in - the guys are going to the river and the girls will accompany them to watch and record - a nice day trip.

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