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Friday, July 9, 2010


Our Fox
Lisa and one of her prize pizzas - yum yum

The Pie Ladies and our ware.

We sort of invited ourselves over to John and Lisa's place this week - they were over and talking about how she makes her pizza dough in the food processor - I have always made mine in the bread maker - so we set a dinner date to watch the process. Well I must say it is a much easier process so I will now make mine in the food processor. It was a nice thin crust and very good - altho I do enjoy a thicker crust every now and then.

Today I was working at the Hall again. 30 pies and 12 shells - there were the four of us, Phyllis, Cheryle, Vickie and myself. I made the raisin pie filling - from scratch. They turned out very good - altho I had to add a bit more water to get more juice. They are for the Chicken and Fish Fry at the Wharncliff Hall on July 18th, 2010 - so if you are in the neighbourhood...

And the fox came around this evening - without the ravens yelling at them - it was a nice quiet meal for him (or her). We have to throw the hotdogs to him - he won't come too close - very skittish - the wind moving the awning on the trailer scared him away. But he had his fill.

The "kids" are coming in tonite - about 2am. We won't be waiting up for them. I stocked their fridge with cold beer and coolers so they can have a cold one after their long trip up. They are bringing Sadie up as well - Stacey had her shaved so I can't wait to see her. She is a Golden Retriever so you get the picture. It will be nice having everyone up - Stacey, Andrew, Jodie and Dave - our first time meeting him - everyone else has met him but us. Can't wait.

I am having problems with posting pictures - I haven't a clue why but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - kind of like a lot of things...

See Ya Bye

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