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Friday, July 2, 2010


Jodie is a vegetarian and she will be coming up with Stacey, Andrew and David. I was in the Sault today so I got some "food" for her. Some fake hamburgers, hot dogs and some tofu so she can make something. She fixed us tofu once and it was not bad but I am a carnivore and I like meat. I am sure she won't starve - there is other stuff that she will eat like salads, pasta (she won't eat eggs either) veggies and fruits. I can send her off to graze in the bush as the raspberries should be out by them. Only joking Jodie - I will make sure you have enough to eat. Can't wait for them to get here. David has never been up here before so it is always fun to show newbies around. We'll get him out on the lake for some fishing. Jodie is training for a half marathon so that will keep her occupied. Stacey usually addresses her Christmas cards up here and Andrew will be in the boat with David and Rejean. And I'll be snapping pictures and documenting their visit.
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Anonymous said...

Dont like the Blog back ground go back to the rain or the trees

Anonymous said...

I like the background, it's easier to read everything,