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Thursday, July 8, 2010


When we were in Listowel, a friend of Jack's took the group on a tour of a "garage" he had built for a client. To call it a garage is a disservice - it is a showroom for his 'Stangs!! You cannot eat, smoke or drink in this room - it is spotless. It houses 4-5 Mustangs and Cobra Jets - all just gleaming. I didn't go as Susan and I stayed behind to chat. But the rest of the group got some great pictures and told us all about it - and now I wish I had gone. There is a bar, pool table, bank board shuffleboard (my favourite) the washroom has a mustang grill over the sink with lights. The floor has the Mustang logo on it. He even has his own drag strip behind the building!!! Now that is niiiiice.
More pics later.
See Ya Bye

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