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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hard to see the one on the left - just under the top left hand corner - they blend so well

Ed, manning the controls - Barry and Rejean unloading

Heading off into the bush

Lots of warning - nice to see the deer back in the area

After the dump I was on may way to the Hall to check it out because it will be used on Monday for voters - I had my camera out and ready as I would be passing the spot where we spotted the Bear last nite - as I was coming down the hill, I spotted 2 objects on the highway - first thing that enters my mind is there is 2 dogs on the highway - of course they were deer. I slowed down and got a picture of them on the road. They didn't move too much until I got a little closer - then they headed off into the bush. I decided to go to the hall tomorrow and headed back home to work on the wood. Ed and I split while Rejean and Barry got the wood that we cut down to the other garage where we were working. It was a nice day for work and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. They guys can work on the boat again. I'll make sure the Hall is ready for Monday.

3 Cheese manicotti and garlic bread for dinner - compliments of Ed.

See ya Bye

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