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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Wednesdays have been designated as Darts Night on Axe.  Last nite was my first time this year - not that it would have made a difference - I am lucky to have hit the board.  See that zero on the final picture?  That is my zero that Bob so nicely subtracted from the 6 for me.  I baked some cinnamon buns for some snacks and that is what the guys are getting into in the first picture.  I think Rejean is laughing so that is why he looks that way.
I was laughing so hard when we were trying to get the game organized - we had 7 people show up so we had to decide how we were going to do the teams.  Bob sat out the first game then Linda, then Joy, then Arnold etc.  It was so confusing when the switch was made because of who was following who and whose team they were on.  We finally got the hang of it by the 7th and final game.  My team only won one game (I think I had something to do with that) but there were times when I got over 50 points but then I got zeros too.  Consistently inconsistent - just like my golf game ;o)

See Ya Bye

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