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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Very, very mild today and our lake is showing the results - the only good thing is that if it freezes without snowfall, it will be one massive skating rink and I just happen to have a pair of skates in my closet.
Our driveway is just awful.  It has melted all the good base and trap rock is showing.  Yesterday I couldn't even get up the hill in my car.  I had to get a good running start and I did produce a lot of ruts that, when it finally does freeze again, will make the driveway very choppy.  And all my walking on it today makes it even worse.  Eventually it will all get back to normal with a couple of good snowfalls and some good freezing temperatures.
Yesterday Highway 129 was closed due to freezing rain and slippery conditions.  No wonder I didn't get any mail.  I did drive to the Post yesterday and the roads were ok but very slippery in the parking lot at the Post and up my driveway.
I even saw a spider outside and it was alive!!!  I'll be watching for the raccoons and bears coming out of hibernation...

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