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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We got company when we returned home from our Windsor trip.  The "kids" wanted to come up north for New Year's Eve and they did.  Fabulous weather as you can see in the first few pictures.  Jason crossed two things off his bucket list up here.  First he had never been north in the winter and second, he had never been on a snowmobile.  They came well dressed for the elements.  They also helped us re-arrange the furniture on the main floor.  I thought that 4 cool techy kids would know exactly where it should be and they did not disappoint.  It is perfect - thanks!!
New Year's Eve was spent with friends on Axe.  A perfect way to end and start a New Year - with friends. Thank goodness I brought the Domino game - I taught 3 newbies how to play - by my rules to boot ;o)  The guys played pool all evening.  They got a bit loud and boisterous.  Not the girls - we kept our curses quiet and amongst ourselves.  It is a ruthless game you know.
Our company left this morning and my house is clean and the wash is done.
Now I can relax.

Have a Great 2013!!

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family a Healthy and Happy New Year. Life is so unpredictable; live every day like it is your last. As we dont know what tomorrow will bring