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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Weird is actually a great word to describe how it's been and what it's going to be.  We do have snow - as a matter of fact, it snowed almost all day here.  But it is very mild out.  And over the next few days it is supposed to rain and be plus 5 to 7 degrees here.  The guys were supposed to go on their annual ice fishing trip this weekend but the weather in North Bay is just as weird.  The owners of the lodge took their ice huts off the lake because they were afraid the huts would sink.  There is about 12 inches of water on the ice so the conditions are not very good - let alone safe - to say the least.  They have rescheduled hopefully to a time when it is a bit more cold!!!  People in North Bay say the lake "turned" which means the warmer water at the bottom of the lake churned up towards the surface where the colder water was.  Upset the whole "climate" of the lake.  I guess it was just not meant to be.

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