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Monday, January 14, 2013


This picture was taken at about 9:30 am this morning as I was heading into town.  I knew you wanted a picture of Cummings.  I had a big transport on my ass from the gravel pit on - close - so I gave him plenty of warning that I was pulling over.  The roads weren't the best.  Then on my way back I was going to stop on the other side of the highway to get a different shot but I again had a big transport on my ass  - sometimes there is just no way to pull over to let those babies by.  They are always in such a hurry and I drive cautiously so you know they want to pass.  So far no one has gotten hurt.
But back to the lake - it has been colder so the lakes have tightened up and we had a bit of snow so they have some snow on them.  People were out ice fishing again and Dave's ice hut is still on top of the water and ice ;o).

Hope you are enjoying your self

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