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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Yes boys and girls, it has been one year since my last bill from Ontario Hydro.  They simply stopped sending me one.  I called every month for 6 months wondering where my bill was.  I got several different stories from several different people.  But the one thing that was the same was the message that if I needed time paying my bill they would work with me.  I said I wasn't worried about paying my bill, I was worried about ever receiving my bill ever again.  I said I just wanted someone to sit down with my bill and fix it.  They were working on it.  I wasn't the only one in this position - I was one of over 10,000 customers!!!  I said that was very poor customer service.  I submitted my complaint to the Ombudsman along with thousands more from other Hydro One customers.  I see they are working on a class action suit so I am in.
I just can't understand how a company can stay in business without sending a bill to it's customers.
Oh I have been paying on this bill from the start.  I have, according to my Hydro One Manage My Account, a credit of over $2000 on this account so when they finally get my bill straightened out, I will not be too far in the hole.
I have read a number of horror stories about Hydro One and my problem is nothing compared to what others are going thru but I am just sick and tired of it.  Come on, no bill for one whole year? WTF!!


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