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Friday, May 23, 2014


Game 3 was on at our place last nite and the Axe Lake guys came over. Davey, John, Mark, John G, Arnold and Randy.  No girls - just guys.  But I was ok with that and I sat in my favourite chair and watched the 3 periods but didn't stay up for the overtime (which I could have watched as it was pretty quick - as I heard)  Weird 3 goals.  Those guys can sure eat a lot.  I put out cheese, crackers, pepperonis, salsa and scoops and chips.  Up here everyone brings their own beer so we were ok in that department but we were prepared just in case they didn't.  Next game Sunday.
Doing some more stocking today at various spots along the highway.  I have my Northshore Fisheries Volunteer hat on this time so people will know I am with the band ;o)


Anonymous said...

Think about you guys often and the great times we shared together over the years.

We wanted to Thank You for making it happened for us on May 23rd. 1994
Wow 20 years; I remember that night like it was yesterday.

We celebrated all day, it was awesome. We went golfing, had lunch then played second round of golf. For dinner we went to Lilly Kazzilly's too windy to take the boat out over to Peche Island.

When you first suggested the idea I must admit I thought you were crazy;

Thank You

northernbliss said...

You are very welcome.