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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It is difficult to get deliveries up here - Purolator and Costco delivers as close as the Post and Sears only to Thessalon so to get these beautiful flowers delivered was quite the feat.  They are my Mother's Day bouquet from Spacey and Andrew.  I spoke with Spacey on Sunday and she asked if I had received my package and I said no but I would keep an eye out for it.  Nothing on Monday and she called again on Tuesday and I still hadn't seen anything - she said the company had confirmed it was delivered to the front door - I had seen nothing.  Steve said he had seen a package on Spacey's porch and lo and behold, there was my package.  It may have been there on Saturday or Monday at the latest.  The box was wet because we have had a lot of rain but it certainly didn't do the flowers any harm.  They were perfect.  And they smell wonderful.  Nothing like a beautiful flower bouquet to make my day.

Thank you Spacey and Andrew!!!

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