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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Saturday is dump day - during the summer Wednesday is too.  I knew there was a Poker Run going on out of Little Rapids heading up to the Post so before I hit the dump, I hit the Post for some pictures of all the action.  A few were lined up for gas for the trip back to Little Rapids.  Keith was standing at the door waving at everyone.  Good business for him.  Lunch was served for the riders behind the Post and I got a shot of all the bikes.  I got a kick out of one of the passengers on the ride.  See the dog in the last picture?  I wonder if he had a helmet to wear…
It was a beautiful day for the ride.  I noticed a few of the bikes were coated in mud - must have found a few puddles along the trails altho it has been dry lately.  Probably made for a lot of dust on the ride.
I might go on the one next year.  Everyone looked like they were having a good time and now that I have my new tires...
Rejean washed his tractor this morning.  First time and it needed it.  Nice and clean now ready to move some dirt ;o)

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