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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Our new lawn ornament was delivered yesterday.  A brand new one way Sea Can!!  We put it up at the other garage where it will probably store the bikes during the winter freeing up valuable space in the other garage.  It is getting tight but we could handle it.  This just is an extra space alternative but I know that by the end of the month it will be full!!
Funny how you never noticed these things until you are interested in them - now they are everywhere.  They are the perfect storage container - you don't have to worry about the snow load, you don't have to paint it or waterproof it, when the doors are shut there is a rubber strip that seals it from the elements and it will probably outlive us all.  Not recommended for city folk but out here they are perfect and they are getting very common around here.  And compared to the price for a wooden or plastic storage shed it is a real bargain!!!!

And I still can't park my car in any of our garages....

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Andrew said...

I am jealous :)