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Thursday, May 5, 2016


Tuesday we were completing some spring chores like cleaning the filter on our deep well submersible pump - all went well.  Later on in the afternoon while we were taking showers, it was discovered we had no water.  A quick look at the fuses and pump switch it was decided that the pump had had the biscuit.  This was at 4pm and we had a pile of company coming on the weekend so we needed water. We called around and located one at the Home Hardware in Blind River so we decided to head out the next morning to get it.
It is amazing how much you rely on your water system and take for granted that when you turn on the tap or flush the toilet, it will work properly.  Thank goodness we had access to Stacey and Andrew's cottage where we could take showers and wash my dirty dishes.
We picked up the new pump and spent a good portion of Wednesday installing it.  Long story short, it didn't work!!!  The new $500 water pump did not work!!  We located another one in Echo Bay which I picked up first thing this morning and by 1pm this afternoon, we had water.
Our original one had lasted 16 years - the last 10 years it had run continuously so we really shouldn't complain and we are glad that it didn't happen in the middle of winter!!
And Jacques the Bass met us at the dock looking for his handout.  I fed him about 10 worms and he was happy.  And we have a loon on the lake who swam by on Wednesday in the rain.  Nice to see him again.

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