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Friday, May 20, 2016


Thursday was fish stocking day around here.  The NorthShore Fisheries gang was out in force with the helicopter and two fish trucks.  Lots of volunteers as well.  We stocked lakes and streams with lake trout, rainbows, brook trout and splake.  some of the volunteers set up a tent where they bbq'd our lunch while we waited for our turn to accompany the trucks to our spots.  The helicopter stocking went first and it was fun to watch it take off and land so close to us.  Next year I get to go up I hope.

The one picture I have of everyone looking over the side of the bridge is the exact same shot as last year.  It is a nice little spot where after the fish have been released a lot of them can be seen coming to the surface after bugs and splashing in the water.  It is fun to watch as the water is deep and calm.
It is a great group of people to be associated with and the work is very rewarding.  I hope to run into a lot of those little fish maybe next year at the end of my hook!!!

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