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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Busy day today.  Started when we had to change the filter on our pump - no big deal.  But I had to drive the boat while he placed the pump back in the water right side up.  Of course it was a bit windy so hard to see the placement.  But eventually we got it done (later we find out there is something wrong with the pump so our project tomorrow is installing a new deep water submersible pump.)  Should be an all dayer.  Then we had a load of gravel delivered by Bruce and then later a load of Northern Gold - aka Trap Rock.  Notice how clean the truck is - Terry and Kim Ansley keep their equipment spotless.
We put a big dent in the gravel this afternoon levelling up around the garage.  Got my walk in then my weights lifting shovels full of gravel to fill the wheel barrow then Rejean dumped and levelled it.
Then we did the turtle relocation...

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